Tasting Those Juices with Licky Lex
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  • Big boobed blonde Licky Lex couldn't wait to film a scene for VirtualPee and lays on her dining table in nothing but a towel. It doesn't take long for her to unwrap her hot body and kneel up on the table, playing with her boobs and rubbing her hands over her pussy! She rubs a purple speculum over her pussy lips and then gapes herself wide apart in this virtual reality porn scene. While her pussy is spread wide, she gets hold of a blue glass bowl which she uses to aim a stream of her golden piss into. At first she fires over the bowl, then adjusts her aim to fill it with her frothy juices. Naughty Licky Lex bends over and laps her piss in mouth, spitting it back down over her tits and into the bowl. She lifts the bowl up and pours her pee all over herself, soaking both her naked body and the table in her juices! She continues to lap her piss up, enjoying diving and tasting herself all over again!

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