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how to configure it to play VR Videos

If you experience issues while trying to download and/or view Virtual Pee content,
please contact support.

Oculus Rift for MAC and PC

  1. Plug your Oculus goggles into your computer. We recommend Firefox for full support of VR features.
  2. Log into your members account.
  3. Open video of your choice, play and hit Glass Icon here:
    and follow instructions given by the player. Make sure you select 1920x1080 quality before.
  4. For enjoying highest quality possible, download the video - the highest version available.
  5. Move it to an easy to locate folder that you will remember, so you can find it when you put your glasses on.
    - Utilize one of the numerous VR Player Applications located either directly onto your computer (online download) or Oculus Market.
    - We recommend using the Application “Whirligig” on both systems. There is both a free and paid version. It is very well supported.
    - All content is Side By Side 360° OR Side By Side 180° (please check information at update) .